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Weird Day

So me and James got into a bit of an argument about whether or not to buy our own domain. The idiot was not keeping to any decision and it was infuriating. Personally I don't want another company's name and ads plastered all over my brand. Nope. I have no idea why he couldn't agree, and even after bickering all day I have no clue what his bloody point was. It's so strange that he finds it so difficult to speak eloquently. I know its because he doesn't often feel qualified to contribute but still has opinions. But the boy needs to take a leaf out of my book and get to the fucking point. Any point. It was like him deciding what to wear to the Met Gala all over again... just do as I say stupid, I obviously know best. One thing he said did confuse me a bit though. He said I'm "outwardly good, but sometimes shockingly evil."... What does that even mean?? too bad I don't give a damn... But anyway, of course I won the argument and my websites is looking beautiful. Thank god he gave in and payed the subscription fee for my domain.

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