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Black Lives Matter

With what has been happening in America recently, and all over the world forever I thought it right that I share this link above to an article by Dazed, explaining that racism runs rampant everywhere and the fashion industry is far from innocent. The industry needs to commit to changing now. The article linked lays everything out discussing most high fashion houses stances. Alongside reading this I urge you to donate to the cause, spread awareness and call out your racist family and friends.

We gender benders and LGBTQ folk alike owe our time and support, out of shear respect for the black trans women that paved the way for a more accepting society back at stonewall in '69. We owe it to every body that came before us to help finish the job of reaching equality.

To donate click the link below and split your donation between 70+ community bail funds, mutual aid funds, and racial justice organisers.

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